About The Summit

It is designed with an aim to provide necessary knowledge about your respective field of interests and accordingly we’ve come up with certain crucial domains regarding the Summit. The Summit is going to be conducted in both the modes, i.e., online. It is going to be a corporate meeting to provide you with the insights of professionalism and business atmosphere. The platform will help you with the opportunity of having discussion, teaching and learning. You’ll be given opportunities to clear all your queries regarding the topic of interest. The Summit will have a special guest lecture on various topics by the experts on the same with audience to interact directly. We’ve collaborated with various professionals for the same and are looking forward to serve you with all your requirements.

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  • Platform Youtube
  • Date & Time 10am - 5pm, 16 -18 April 2021
  • Speakers 9+ Professionals
  • Sessions 8+ Sessions and Workshops

Why You Should Join?

To get Closer to your desired goals.

Exposure to new start-ups

As you’ll interact with various business professionals and hence, you’ll get to know about their businesses too.


Social media Engagement

As you’ll learn about the professionals and their webinars in your respective topic of interests, there will be more productive engagement in social media.


Expanding corporate connections

Every interaction is an opportunity in disguise to take you forward by some or the other means and it’s always good to have a healthy connection.


Interesting and meaningful discussion

The webinar you enroll in is going to offer you with in-depth knowledge, interesting discussions too to make sure you sign out with a clearer picture.


Presentation of your work/business

For the professionals who are going to deliver their efforts and time for the sessions that they will conduct will get the opportunity to showcase their business/ products, which can be the promotional event for them and can be profitable to them in a way.


Need of the hour

When pursuing a career in the field of your interest it’s always a plus point to know all about it beforehand so that you can analyze the upcoming challenges and can gather yourself to face them like a boss.


Event Schedules

It's more encouraging if you stay updated about upcoming sessions and their speakers


Grand Opening of Sarthi and gathering of few brilliant minds

Location: Youtube
4:30 - 5:30 pm Seminar

Location: Youtube
6:00 - 7:00 pm Seminar

We all are in some or the other way trying to reach our respective milestones in order to reach that final destination, called success. Here’s a recipe of success! Yes, serve yourself with hot and spicy nuggets and get the long lasting taste of success.

Location: Youtube
12:30 - 01:30 PM Seminar

An event especially, for all the keen observers of economy has been designed entitled, "Moving towards Skill Economy" by the expert himself. This event will provide interesting insights in the economy of our country especially after having been distorted by Covid.

Location: Youtube
2:00 - 3:00 PM Seminar

How well are we gelling with our older generations and how even after all the love and frankness, we’re unable to gel that well?
Know your older generations’ point of view by enrolling to the session.

Location: Youtube
3:30 TO 4:30 PM Seminar

Do you know, Digital Marketing is a part of your routine?
What all it takes to be a professional digital marketer?
How good of a career is it, as a digital marketer?
Happenings of a day in the life of a professional Digital Marketer?
Many more...
Register for the session to have a sneak-peek in the life of a digital marketing trainer and know all the answers to your boiling doubts regarding digital marketing as a career.edw

Location: Youtube
5:00 TO 6:00 PM Seminar

A telescopic perspective to Web Development in the form of an interview session with Lead Web Developer discussing the significance of web development in today’s world with how it will lead in future along with it’s various sub-entities like DevOps, databases, Linux Server and many more that are responsible for running the world.

6:30 TO 7:30 Seminar

Making your hobby the career or making your career a hobby, spot the difference!
To know the difference and to have an amazing career ahead, join the session.

2:30 TO 3:30 PM Seminar

Our ancient history is a treasure to look for when it comes to leadership. Join the session to unlock the
wisdom shared by our ancestors.

Location: Youtube
7:00 TO 8:00 PM Closing

Announcement of the next step and re-live the 3day Marathons if event

Location: Youtube






Our Speakers

A bunch of "best in the business" speakers are being invited
to take sessions for quality knowledge.

Bikash Agrawal

Lead Finance, Eternia(A venture of Hindalco, Aditya Birla Group)

Atamjeet Singh Bawa

Solution Architect(Telecom),
Paper Modeler, Speaker

R. Ashwin

Career Guidance Expert and Analystan Alumnus of NIT

Kamalneet Singh

TEDx Speaker,
Josh Talk Speaker

Vikram Pratap Singh

Digital Marketing

Kanu Priya

Actor, International Host,

Aditya Channe

Lead Developer, Amazon Alexa
Influencer Of The Year

Shakti Leekha

Business Coach

Avinash Kumar

Software Development

Upcoming Events

“envisioning future endeavours”

Sarthi- Leadership Summit

Sarthi- Leadership Summit

Sarthi- Leadership Summit

Sarthi- Leadership Summit

Sarthi- Leadership Summit

Sarthi- Leadership Summit

Sarthi- Leadership Summit

Sarthi- Leadership Summit

Previous Events

“cherishing and preserving the moments of past glories”

Leadership And Management by RadhaKrishnan Pillai

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Implication of National Educational Policy 2020 on Students by Dr.V.S.Ojha

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3C: Linkedin Strategy By- Dr. Ankur Sodhi

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3C's-Career, College and Corporate || Dr. Ankur Sodhi

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Leadership and Strategic lesson from Panchatantra|| Bikash Agrawal

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Decoding Leadership || Group Captain Nitin Welde

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Leading change through media || Kanu Priya

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Latest Blogs

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Leadership and Management

Leaders are not born, rather they are prepared. And the most important skills in today’s scenario are leadership and management. In fact, these cannot be taught unless experienced and practiced. One is just introduced to the concept. And then one can learn it by oneself. You just need to have an inspiration...

why and how leadership should be taught from a beginner level to everyone

"A Leader is never born, he needs to be prepared." And it is not kind of a course that you can pursue and on completion become a leader. But it has to come from within oneself. It has to be developed from experience, drive and commitment. These peoples are inspired and they inspire others...

Modern Day Leader

Modern day leadership is like the intimidating terrain to be explored with the right tools. But the good thing is, learning about the right skills and styles will help you to navigate that terrain. A Leader must be able to think fast, make effective decisions, and stay committed towards his work.He should stay true to a greater vision and strategy...

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